Nothing Else Matters By Eugene Torakov Tough Lives
Nothing Else Matters By Eugene Torakov Tough Lives

Nothing Else Matters
By Eugene Torakov
Tough Lives

I was taking a stroll in the middle of the forest when I heard people laughing and telling stories at the top of their voice. I walked toward the noise. Whatever they were cooking smelled so good. They were cooking using a camping stove, and I thought, “That’s genius!”
One of them saw me lurking by a tree and waved at me then asked me to join them. I was hesitant at first. But the barbecue smelled so good to resistant. They were all so joyous and welcomed me warmly. This was one very close and happy family.

Within no time they were all introducing themselves. All eight of them. When they were done, I said, “Hi! I’m Fay.” They all wanted to know why I was roaming the forest alone. The woman, I assumed was the mother since she was so hands-on, looked me and said, “Relationship problems huh?” and I just nodded.

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She asked me to sit down, gave me a beer and served me a plate of the meat. The rate at which I gobbled down that meat, they could all tell I was hungry. When I was done and said thank you. Then one of the ladies asked what the deal was.

“Well, my fiancé and I also came out here camping. It’s a month to our wedding yet we just had a big fight.” I said feeling sad about the situation. “Two years of engagement and he chooses only now to tell me that his parents have been fighting over our engagement.”
The folks looked at each other then smiled. I knew that look; it’s the look people give you when they can recognize what you are talking about. So I went on to tell them how furious I was that he kept this from me and continued to act like his parents were okay with him marrying a black girl.

“I was so naïve even to think his parents would accept me!” I said sulking down. The mom put her hand over me and said, “My husband and I went through the same thing, and we’re both white. The parents didn’t want me because I was from a low-income family! However, the love we had for each other, made them accept me anyway.”

“I threatened to leave the family if they would not respect my choice of love,” the husband said while standing over the stove. The rest of the family smiled. The mom continued to tell me, “so you see child, it doesn’t matter what they want and think. If you and your fiancé love each other enough to marry each other whether they like it or not, they will eventually put their ego down.”

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I then heard Phil calling out my name from the top of his voice. I stood up and answered him back, and he came running to where I was. When he got near, he said, “Fay you think I care what my parents think of you? I wanna be with you regardless, and I won’t let anyone stand in the way of that. Not even my parents!”

The family then started to applause, and that’s when Phil asked, “God! Who are you people?”

“Oh, babe! Meet my new friends,” I said smiling. The mom looked at me and winked, and at that moment I wasn’t worried anyway, or rather I didn’t care if his parents wanted me or not. One of the guys offered Phil a drink and asked him to join.

Phil came and sat next to me. “You have to tell us where you got this camping stove; we need to get us one of those!” I said, and we all burst into laughter


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