Royal Purple Tough Lives by Adam Frosyth
Royal Purple Tough Lives by Adam Frosyth
Royal Purple Tough Lives by Adam Frosyth
Royal Purple Tough Lives by Adam Frosyth

Come on and grab your lunch she yelled. she was always in a frenzy in the morning. I was ready up for an hour and a half playing video games nibbling on things that she normally yelled at me for. I was dressed, pretty sure that my shoes were on the correct feet and I had double knotted ‘em so that it wouldn’t fall out rushing between my second and third class. That was usually when I have to skirt up the back stairs to get away from the bully steven that always tried to get at my lunch money. I had learned to keep a protein bar in my backpack just in case.


I looked down, to avoid her rushing around intruding into my thoughts, I noticed that my bottom button was off by one.  I Shrugged,  Not really caring at all.  I probably should care but to be honest I’ll be bullied no matter what I do, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a flake throughout life. I’m forever spending time and energy on figuring out ways to get away with things as opposed to just doing something. I had figured out how to Google pretty well in order to find most of my homework answers. I was surprised that so many classes actually use this book, or maybe the Publishers just transferred the same questions.


I noticed a bit of a salt stain on my leather sneakers, the last year that happened I think that my mother washed it off with a little bit of vinegar they still smelled a vinegar but it remove the stain. All last year I think that Jamie assumed that I was the kid that smelled sour. I know they were talking about one kid throughout the year with their friends that smelled funny. And I sat behind her, she tried her best to avoid talking to me. I mean she talked to me when she needed some answers or help with something, but I didn’t really mind being the friend that just helped her out with stuff. Again remember I don’t think that I would have amounted to anything in life had it not been  for the next few hours.


the engine was revving as mom got upset, she always did that, gave some sort of tell that she was upset. I think she thought that she was calm, cool, and collected but she was nothing like that. She freaked out when there was a slug on her celery once. I mean it did just come from our garden, but it was a slug in the house. Some sort of OCD, I tried to avoid harassing her about it. I felt that it would pop out in my life sooner or later so I avoided it. I was running back up the stairs to grab my lunch, fell forward scraping my left knee. it really hurt, where Peter falls or stubs something and sits there for some insane long time holding it breathing it grimacing making some odd noise indicating that in her. Yeah what kind of like that.


I slowly got up when she started honking, and put my key in the lock listening to the snick of the sound. I almost wanted to take the time getting my things just to piss her off. But I needed her to get me after school, and she would most certainly make me walk if I pissed her off even more. I bolted upstairs, and made a right turn to get to my room. practically slamming myself into my bedroom door. I forgot that I had twisted the lock that gave me just the two seconds that I needed when my mom came barging into my life.


I took note that Steve was still online. we were in some of the same leagues in our multiplayer games, he have no idea it was me but I needed to keep tabs on my  Bully. Usually I can tell when there was a party coming up, or if you did something at school for somebody because he love bragging. He was going to be late, and then of course blame it on somebody, but he lived closer than I did. Much closer. I needed to travel over the bridge to get to school. I’m sure that Jamie took that into account when she made me her do-me-something buddy. The little green link blinked ominously as I watch the change to Amber, and then red. Telling me that he was on the way to school already. That meant he was going to be waiting for me at the back stairs. crap, I grabbed my homework ran down the stairs.


My mom was backing out of the driveway already in her attempt at threatening that she was leave. She does that a lot of threatening, but never really follows through. I think I learned that when I was about two and a half. I have learned to manipulate that pretty damn well. I didn’t enjoy it, but with her mental issues I kind of needed to. I didn’t really feel bad about it. She was a pretty sweet woman to most people, but she had this ability to drive me crazy and get under my skin with just the right new ones, head nod, or even tone of voice.


I jumped in the car and said go I’m going to be late for my class. She just looked at me like you shouldn’t have forgotten your homework. Didn’t say anything. Which of course got under my skin. I jammed the Buckle into a slot and slunk back into my seat leaving my head to drop against the leather that was cracked and Sun faded and prayed a little bit to the gods that I would make it to school on time. But I never would.


We were slowly inching our way up the ramp that circled in a Type S shape slight us up onto the bridge. Traffic was slower this morning that I would have liked. And there was cacophony of noises coming in through the sunroof. That sunroof dripped  in the dead of winter when the car heated up and thawed some of the ice around the Rubber seal.  I pulled on my phone, played a little bit of  a word matching game and got a bit nauseous. I looked out the window at the Horizon to see that we weren’t even on the actual bridge yet. There was no suspension gropes blocking my view.


In the past when we have driven really fast on that bridge those metal suspension ropes caused a flickering and I swear I could see into another universe. But alas I was just a young boy in the back of a car. No real way to get off this rock of a planet. But a Boy Can Dream. And I sure did. But I would not be dreaming today.


I aimed my phone at the car is on my right, trying to test the theory of will the driver notice me. They sure do it when I look at them with my eyes, I think it has something to do with raising your blood pressure when another human is looking at you. But my teacher just said that it was they can tell out of the peripheral vision that your eyeballs are scabbing the back of head and so they turn to look. I still think my theory is better.


The 40 year old man who was already balding definitely didn’t look at me, I clicked record to see if it changed anything, and watched on my cracked screen as he drummed the steering wheel. Who is moving his lips and I’m sure he was listening to some awful 80s music. He was wearing a white shirt with some thin brown stripes, indicating to me that he worked at some old company that did not Embrace new technology and he would probably just some middle manager or even lower middle manager. Which two me reminded me of my long-lost dad who ran off to get a pack of smokes in the middle of the night and never came back. He was on the top of the lowest level of the menial labor words.


I thought about him at times, I wonder what’s with the jeans I got from him. Would I run off as well? Would I be disloyal? Would I be happy in some minimum wage job that felt better because it did not have the golden arches anywhere near the title company? I doubt it I lose focus easily, I am created an energetic, no real production effort but that’s what you get for being a loser kid in Middle School.


I train my camera over to the left window just behind my mom’s head and try to find that silver car that look really cool when it’s it passed us earlier. All I really got was the back of my mom’s hair is she whipped her head left and then right again. I’m not sure what she was looking at because we were only driving straight, and to slow traffic as well. I’ll shoot really need to do is focus on the car in front of her. that’s what Tesla was working on fixing. Letting my mom connect with me while we’re sitting in the car as it slowly meanders its way across the bridge that was as high as the tallest skyscraper in town.


We once went to the top of that building to see the views. The Vista was absolutely incredible, We Could See For Miles it was so high. There were practically no birds up here which was pretty telling seeing that birds fly and all. There were a couple binoculars that you can pay a quarter for.  my mom of course wouldn’t pay for me I tried to drop some pennies but was caught by the guards saying that I can kill somebody from this high up.


My camera  caught the edge of the cars in front of her breaking really hard and making noise. It was a sudden alarming series of horns honking indicating that it wasn’t just somebody that smack their real by accident pissed off. I quickly looked up, not remembering that my camera was recording. And I can see a human dashing in between the vehicles. It was a woman she was running in a really long purple flowing dress, like she was royalty of times gone by, she crossed the double yellow lines and then quickly zip back and front two cars ahead of us.


I looked at my mom and yelled at her to brake. Of course she braked the already. Who was I to  think that I could drive better than my mom.  This woman zigzagged right out in front of us and placed her left palm on the front of our hood  leaving a sweaty streak, and dashed across two more lanes of traffic to jump over the barrier to where people and bikes could walk on the side of the bridge. She looked across at me square in the eyes. I could hear my mother whisper don’t do it. Not understanding until the woman brought her legs up over the edge of the bridge, swept them up on the edge of the metal, and sat there like a seat while she stared at me in the eyes. Let me rephrase that she stared at me and my soul. And then slowly casually, slid off keeping eye contact with me until she dropped out of sight.  My life changed.


She transferred something over to me, I could feel it seep in and take over my body. I was pretty sure that her soul left through her and directly into me. I’m not quite sure what else to call it. I had a sudden warmth in the pit of my stomach.  And there was no way that I had any intention of going to school. My mind new all of the homework that I had just Google. It was odd, it was sort of like I used to know an equation, and now I can drive that equation. It was just something a little off about the way that I looked at the world right now. All it took was that moment. I had this vast knowledge base, and there were things that I needed to do. I had the sense of urgency well up inside me, that I never had before I almost immediately attributed it to my mother’s OCD, and realize that this was nothing like that as this had plans and definitive ideas. I was a new person. And it didn’t worry me in the least. I had things to do.



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