No Monkey Business By Jun Keyo Tough Lives
No Monkey Business By Jun Keyo Tough Lives

No Monkey Business

No Monkey Business By Jun Keyo Tough Lives
Tough Lives

No Monkey Business

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Sweet Vermont! We had been planning this camping trip at Green Mountain National Forest. My friends and always loved camping trips, we would always have one each year. It was the perfect time to catch up and drink beer in the forest. Oh! That was always part of the fun. However, we were looking forward to this particular one.

It was going to be the first time we all meant after senior year, without any adult supervision. So this year we wouldn’t have to disguise beer in water bottles. I was all packed. Set and ready. Marie and I were going together since we were roommates.

Marie always carried the best sleeping bags, so I let her stick to that. Usually, I’d carry the stove, but this year, I was bringing a camping table. I knew the guys were going to come with lots of beer and meat, so I decided, why not! This mountaineering table would be perfect.

When we got there, we went hiking first. Well, essentially that was the norm, we would go hiking then retire to the camping area where all the fun would be waiting for us. Hiking was also fun, Claire and Marie would be complaining the whole way, while Bran and Charlie made fun of them for adding a little weight, and the whole bickering back and forth was fun for us to watch.

We got back to the camping site, freshened up and began to set. We always divided setting duties to make it fast. In like 35 minutes, we were done. The guys always preferred to catch up while barbecuing and the girls would resonate on all the relationship drama. Well, initially we just sat there and listened to Claire go on and on about the guys who were hitting on her.

She was always the prettiest in middle school, and honestly, her drama was always fun and hilarious to listen to. She was always such a blast. Once we all gathered up and the bought took out the drinks, it was the perfect time to set up the camping table.

The camping table actually served us better than I expected, we easily stored all the drinks on the second level and put the food on the top level. The top level would be helpful for the board games later on.

Unfortunately, just as we set the food, monkeys showed. At first, we were not so bothered by them, I mean, they are just monkeys and monkeys are friendly. Or so we thought! They came right for our food. Bran tried to draw them away but they all vamped on him, and they also vamped on us for trying to draw them from Bran.

For a minute there, I have never been so horrified of monkeys. They were honestly the meanest monkeys I have ever seen. They left will all our food. Literary all of it! We didn’t care about that until we all recollected ourselves and realized they’d carried all the food.

We wanted to cry, I wanted to cry, but we all just burst out in laughter.

“Did we just get robbed by monkeys?” Charlie asked.

We all looked at each other and laughed. It was funny at the moment, well right up until the hunger struck. Lucky for us, the monkeys didn’t carry the drinks on the second level of the table, which meant we had drinks to keep the fun going. We would definitely remember this camping trip!


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