Leadership and Vacationing There's no better reason you need for taking a vacation right now By Arianne Mulford
Leadership and Vacationing There's no better reason you need for taking a vacation right now By Arianne Mulford

Leadership and Vacationing: There’s no better reason you need for taking a vacation right now.


By: Arianne Mulford


The real question is, is it cold, do you need a break from stuff, is life stressing you out. You need to ask yourself what’s on your mind but have no fear there’s a lot of new research to help you get off your butt and get out there to the warmer weather, the lapping water, places without children, and of course that Mai Thai on the beach. It’s all about taking a vacation. We are all pretty sure that there’s no better time than right now


Just imagine the bitter cold wind blowing against your face, you are tugging up your scarf above your nose and trying not to inhale that sharp cold wind. In the winter, when the nights are long, the skies are dark, and the sun is barely visible. Does your body just yearn for a little bit of sun, a little bit of life. Do you walk past the plans in your living room for a resolute vacation?


Time to stop working so much. I think you need a little bit of a push to get out there and have a vacation? Is it the money? Is it the lack of Art in your life? Or is it the children and noise in your vicinity? Perhaps it’s the boss that’s just a little bit too much of an moron? Perhaps it is that you don’t have enough vacation days like your friends in Spain and all around the world. I mean that boss barely gave you enough time when you had that kid.


Imagine sitting on a catamaran rocking gently in the waters practically no clouds in sight and the one cloud that is there in the distance is making beautiful shapes in the sky. You can actually fit into your little bikini. Yeah the one with flowers on the cuffs and a tassel string dangling from your hips. You probably want one of those new sunglasses that cover your eyes and protect them from radiation but still make it look smoking hot. Is your hat smushed in the back of your closet, do you remember where the tylenol is? You need to make sure you don’t get a headache for being out in the sun too much. Imagine that headache from too much relaxing.


Time to just Lounge back on that boat, listen to the sound of the ice tinkling against the crystal glass in your very cold drink. Of course you are being careful to not let the condensation drip onto your thigh. Take a deep breath and imagine the taste of the sugar or salt from the rim of your glass and the soft savored flavors of  you rum mixed with your fruit juice drink. It’s cooling the back of your throat. Look around, and you realize that you are not with your children, and neither are you stress from your boss, maybe you think about your parents managing the kids back at home. But you certainly are lost in the ocean water as far as the eye can see. Not exactly like the Life of Pi where you’re scared lost, more like you’re in a place where no one can disturb you.


Maybe this is when you get a little nostalgic, thinking you really should have a couple of friends with you, or maybe this evening you will have a dinner out at the little beach house near the groves. If you look up at sunset you might end up getting a little inspiration and start sketching some of that silhouette of the palm tree that’s arching over the edge of the water. If you watch carefully, you might spot the coconut that just might drop below onto that sun lounging lizard. This might be a time to motivate you to pick up a new hobby, it might also just be a time for you to resolve to lose those 12 extra pounds that you put on from that totally stressful Christmas a few weeks ago. Yeah that was a time when there was snow on the ground, and you were pushing the car at midnight. The old beater car even needed your uncle to help get it out of the snow drift.


But the sun is shining and you got a little sun tan lotion on, maybe you’ve bought yourself something special for the trip a little purse, or a cute towel. One can only hope that you actually left your work locked up in your computer, or stashed away in the hotel safe. This is a time for you to enjoy the warm wind across your cheek, or a time for you to relish the subtle nuances of life that you don’t usually pay attention to.


Here’s one scenario how this wonderful vacation might be able to help you in just a little bit of time to boost your next stretch of work-life. What happens if you end up being an inspiration? Do you think you can be inspiration to other? Is it really as simple as one or two steps like the internet says? Do you even know what it means to be an inspiration for somebody? For the most part it means that you’re capable of giving yourself that little impetus to actually reach the goal and create or do something that ends up being memorable or something that Society actually cares about. Perhaps, and end up making others just a little bit better in their own lives? Inspiration can be about helping somebody else, you are supposed to help yourself to. I don’t really agree with the fact that there’s a couple easy steps to be an inspiration for everybody, but I do think that if you lead with some sort of example, for example, heading out on this vacation. Which might alleviate you, that in and of itself is enough inspiration. Because when you come back people will end of see that hard work pay off. That is the hard work of pushing yourself to a  vacation and coming back refreshed, possibly even with a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking and of course not remotely stressful.


With all of that said you really think you can have those qualities ingrained into you to really be a part of the essence of who you are? That workaholic person who never goes out for dinner on a Wednesday night? Is the problem that you would light yourself on fire in order to warm up those who are freezing cold around you? Do you do things for everyone else as opposed to for yourself? That’s certainly, not remotely, inspirational. We will certainly need to be in the front of the pack to lead, and if you want to be special to others. Who looks behind them at what others are doing and considers that something special. Now granted there are those in the back who look around and take something that was already done and make it better but that usually is them creating a new tangent and goal course, and that still is walking out in front of everyone else and being that leader. No one looks behind them for whom may follow your pathway and what they need and want. They create their own needs and wants and that generates the pathway they are on.


Part of that is of course going to come from being able to look around you and see what needs to be needs and wants in your own, and others lifestyle. Half is that work, more is for home, and perhaps it’s just as simple as how you check your emails in the morning. But don’t just worry about yourself, you need to really pay attention, and spend a little bit of time on your goals and that will have the most impact. Have a little bit of empathy and sympathy for others, I’d definitely ask those really really difficult question, and of course you end up doing something about it when you are done asking yourself the questions. How do you think you got on this vacation? It wasn’t just by going on to somebody deal site and snagging some all you can eat and drink Baja experience. It most certainly was by generating that list, creating a plan and actually implementing it, in some manner. It worked well with your life already, just time to make it work for a positive change instead of only a career change.

Some of that involves keeping track of things, and I’m sure you did. You kept track of who’s able to do your jobs at work, which is super vital if you want to actually have a life of your own. one of those things about being a specialist that most specialist forget about is that you need to be able to delegate your super intelligent half to others. Perhaps you need to train them, or perhaps you need to just create a training manual that you can drop on the desk of your replacement during your vacation. But you’re actually doing yourself a disservice by not creating that environment where you allow yourself to be stressed and walk away for a short stretch of time.


Yes we know that making some of those difficult changes are even harder when you’re short on cash or super stressed at work. But that’s part of being that leader. That is that you did implement that small list. So let us look at that list and realize to not put anything on it that is not realistic. If you did, then you definitely need to revise that list before moving on. But however once your list is generated you are able to realize that you shouldn’t be so difficult on yourself simply because you’re doing all this extra work in order to have a moment to yourself. That’s part of being a leader, those below you will envy that ability to manager life in a certain way in order to foster those brief moments of respite.


Of course now that you are on that beach it is time to think about your hobbies, or lack thereof and what you’re going to do about generating and creating a new one. Because that’s pretty important if you want to successfully move on in life. I’m not pressing that CEOs are the all-important beings of the world, but they have done a pretty good job of creating the ability to balance their work-life, vacation, and personal growth. Part of that personal growth definitely comes from having hobbies. It allows you to test out all sorts of ways of doing things and try to alter the subtle variations on it therefore when you bring it into the workforce, you immediately have success and look amazing. But really it came from hard work in the play arena. So give yourself permission to play.


Take for example the simple Act of painting let’s say that you picked up a paintbrush and just started sketching on a canvas, little bit of sunset over yonder. Yeah, where the porpoises are smiling at you.. What ends up happening is you’re going to learn that you need to take control over the cohesiveness of the entire canvas if you want the benefits of an aesthetic end look. If you just focus on the tree and forget about the sunset it certainly going to look awful. If you try to paint a portrait it will look even worse, or better, if you’re trying to emulate Picasso. Nevertheless the point was that here’s one example where a hobby like art can boost you in your money making sales career. if you are managing your entire company then you most certainly need to better understand how to look at the cohesiveness of your entire organization and how it is impacted by everything around it. That type of skill that you play around with in a hobby. Regardless of that hobby being the purchase of some antiquity, art creation, or even knitting.


Hopefully we have created a little bit of inspiration in this ever complicated world of technology. The question now becomes are you going to follow through, and who in your life is going to be the beneficiary of your de-stressing. Most partners would be elated to see you taking time and going to a reading book club, or taking the time to write a novel, or taking a few moments by yourself in the back corner of the kitchen to paint some pictures from this vacation. In fact, if you are dating and don’t have a partner, these hobbies can usually make a break whether or not you are in friend territory or relationship territory.


So the next time you are in the drugstore, or that big chain store, or even just browsing the internet, why don’t you pick up a little bit of sunscreen and keep that bottle right next to your keys as you head out for the day, and as you come back at the end of your long work day, and you may just end up finding out that that sunscreen will smile back at you as it drives you to wiggle around your day, and life, and thinking in order to get your cute butt sitting on the warm sand. Happy Holidays, and warm wishes from the writing team.


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