Camping Anniversary Jitters Written and Submitted By: Beatrice
Camping Anniversary Jitters Written and Submitted By: Beatrice "punk" Valltiera Tough Lives

Camping Anniversary Jitters

Written and Submitted By: Beatrice “punk” Valltiera

Summer was here, and so was the seventeenth day of August. Leo and I had a major fight last night. It was the first major fight we have had in our marriage; I can’t help but feel that sour taste of sorrow and sadness in my mouth. My mother always told me that after four years, the honeymoon phase disappears and the foundations in marriages begin to shake. Today of all days, I’m hoping mom is wrong.

Today is our fourth anniversary; we had planned our celebration different this year. We wanted to try something other than the usual hotel mushiness , extravagant and lavish dinners, and late-night cocktails, especially the minty tartness of those strong mojitos. Last month we went shopping for camping gear, and we were looking forward to trying them out. Portable Camping Travel Toilet Women Urinal Funnel Device (Purple)

Sad or not, we always find a way of dealing with each other. We have always sought to be solid in the midst of so many things, and neither of us was going to ruin this trip. The drive was weird, like most times, when we are not talking to each other, we keep changing the car radio in turns, this time he let me listen to my favorite soft songs. They strike me deeply. He knows it. I barely registered that.

I could see him trying to hide his smile each time I lip sang along. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing my usually sparkely voice. We got to the campsite two hours later. Chicago never felt so far. Then again, the beauty and subtleness of nature sucked us right in. The trees were so green, and the air was so fresh. I almost gave in and melted in his arms drinking in the beauty.

His hand slipped into mine, our eyes locked and into those beautiful blue eyes I tumbled, I could see the guy I married four years ago, My sweet Max. His capablness rang through, and he set the tent within fifteen minutes. While he was setting up, I decided to fetch some wood before darkness crept in for the night fire. I liked to listen to the crackle of the fire. The anxiety of the potential of the firefly-like sparks that floated down and could land on our new tent and tarps was a mixture of joy and trepidation.

When I came back, Max had laid out an entire entrée for dinner onto the camping tarp. When did he get time for all the food prepped before our trip? And honestly, who knew a simple tarp would make the setting and dinner so romantic. He was being his handsome Maxi self, standing there enjoying every bit of the surprise faces I was making. My little Maximus was playing servant. I enjoyed this part.

The setting was so incredible. The sunset clothed the environment with its pink and red hues of delight. I could feel the night preparing to usher us into another fantastic year of marriage. I sighed in relief. I love how the receding warmth of the sunset made the condensation shine as it magically appeared in all the shadows. The tarp was waterproof, so the dew didn’t even bother. We just sat there and soaked it all in.

At that moment, I wanted to call my mom so bad and tell her that I had a feeling we would still be fine. Somehow I kept savoring the taste of the dinner instead of tugging at my cell phone, I didn’t want my digital excuses to ruin the moment. I had no idea where Max bought the food, but I’m confident he didn’t cook it, it was messy and delicious. Maybe he was turning a new independent leaf. But either way, Messy was not an issue like it normally would be because it was so easy to wipe it off the tarp. Plus, I let the blackberry sauce drops remain on my lips as a temptation. Would Max notice it? I hope.

We talked about the world around us, the environment, politics, movies and a few candid ideas about expanding love. It’s incredible how the environment has a way of tapping into the naturalness of humanity and allows people to be their real natural self. I saw a glimpse of what Max was like before I reigned him in. Perhaps I will let the line float a little more free.

Max looks at me, smiles and says, “Next time we have a big fight, can we just go camping.” I nod and say, “Happy Anniversary Maximus The Terrible!”


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