The Weird Signal of Ross 128 By Scientist Greg Anyave Tough Lives
The Weird Signal of Ross 128 By Scientist Greg Anyave Tough Lives

I know that my friends are definitely a big deal. They’re pretty important to me. I like to listen to their noise, and lean in a Little Closer to try to understand what they are intending and meaning. Some of my friends can be thoughtful, and I certainly try to be back to them. On the other hand I personally think that I’m kind or polite in return, and that is what generation creates our friendships.

I mean at times I can certainly be a little bit clumsy and socially awkward. But that’s mostly because I have a little bit of a nerd ethic about technology, and science, and furthering The Human Condition in a positive way. I was a total nerd, I even had this and used it regularly, Stargazer Depth-Sensing Webcam – Record and see stars on your own computer

From about the mid 90s until almost halfway through the first 10 years of the 2000s, it was a little show called friends for the most part it explored the relationships stereotypes. how do we interact with various types of people and humans. do we take on the characteristics of those stereotypes? do the things that we do backfire, and overtake our attempts at just living a Solitude and quiet and happy life?

One of the characters was Ross Geller. While he had two marriages that got completely ruined, and he had an unimaginable complication with his outburst and anger over the teensiest of things. Almost as small as the things that Seinfeld would write an entire show around. I mean who would yell at their boss for eating a certain sandwich in a museum. he definitely acted like a kid at times Kama especially about his friends not believing in the same scientific things that he did. in course everyone needs to agree with whatever comes out of his head, or how he views the world in an irrational manner.

Now, although Ross reverted back to some childlike phase in his teenage years for his first relationship, fully knowing that the woman he was with now hated his personality of his youth. Of Course that would going to fail. this Ross guy was a pretty social mess. Definitely awkward definitely what we would call a nerd, with one difference. Ross was hot, sexy, glamorous, and definitely what people wanted with the exception that he had these other qualities that no one wanted. He had a PhD, but by being arrogant no one cared about his intelligence.

So with all of this said, what is the connection to our current life? Or rather shall I say life in general. more on the point what does Ross from the TV show Friends have to do with power Cosmic underpinnings.

Even with all of Ross’s shortcomings, we all love him because we seem to have faults of Our Own. we tend to live with them, we chanted lost them over, and we definitely call them by names other than what they actually are. There is this little Star, that is a red dwarf way out in the Universe. Activity at the Arecibo Observatory on this rainy day was palpable.

Ross 128 and Bernard Star we’re being observed. The Crux of this is that we were looking at nearby stars that might Harbor planets, which might Harbor Light Within some habitable zone around that star. We’re looking at things that are fairly close to us so that we have some exit strategy from this rock of ours that we are definitely not taken care of. Ross is really not that big, so pretty hard to see without instrumentation. far as the distance is concerned Spock would say it’s something like a little under three and a half parsec, but for those laymen who are not trekies it’s just under 11 light years. That makes it just about the 12, or 13 depending who you consult, closest star to our entire solar system. Don’t forget we got to actually leave past Pluto. Yes I consider him part of our system still.

Not having much weight to it, or rather mass, dropped it right into the Red Dwarf category. To put that into a little bit of a perspective from our universe, it only matches our Sun’s mass by about 15% and it’s definitely smaller at about a 20% radio. One of the other problems of red dwarfs are that they really aren’t that bright, we see them as red, but on those planets They will feel well under a half a percent of what we feel from our sun. That’s a pretty huge sunlight difference. and of course means that it’s cooler, and with not much gravity the planets are all much closer. So the sunsets look pretty massive.

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Now being to red dwarf, and a disc that is old and of course being near the three-dimensional between of our galaxy means that it has flares. Which is just the magnetic properties of this star. We do know though that it also has small amount of metal elements Beyond the hydrogen and helium that is similar to our sun. This is not the first time we’ve looked at this star, and it won’t be the last. One of the things that we were trying to determine before was whether or not it had a little companion of a brown dwarf that orbited it within a very specific distance. We never found one of those yet. One other thing to note is that in about 70,000 years it will cycle just a little closer to us, and shave off 4 or 5 light years from it’s distance.

Yeah just like the show here is another Ross. And although this one is considered a red dwarf and the other one does not have red hair they’re both pretty hot and bothered and angry just like we used to watch on the show. We know that he had terrible control over his anger, and this star has his peculiar out burst of energy that we seem to be picking up at very regular intervals with a diminished output chords of the end. I mean according to the Arecibo Observatory team we never saw these types of frequencies, that is a low-frequency, from a star like this. That is we’ve never seen these forms of low frequency energies from a red dwarf. The Observatory that the signal came into is one of the most busy telescope location in the world. It’s pretty sensitive equipment and as you remember from the movie Contact it is one massive satellite dish that picks up radio signals. We aim it at all sorts of locations. Now it’s not exactly like the Hubble which is in out in space looking beyond our atmosphere with Clear Eyes. Well at least clear ones they gave it glasses. Nevertheless since we can’t visually look at with a satellite. Our atmosphere doesn’t interfere with these types of radio sickness that it did suck. In this case it’s the radio emissions outpouring from this red door smaller star. Of course with the intention of looking at the activity of it and its interactions with other planets around it.

So what really happened, it was almost like another episode of Friends, or some movie. Signals were picked up, we made a little note about it on a website, and it got picked up by mainstream media as proof of life. It blew up into something huge. And rightfully so thinking that there is life outside our universe, and so close to us on universal scales is a big deal. But if you step back for a little bit and get a little bit more focused, what you’ll realize is that the observations from this red dwarf, Ross, is not really finalized. There’s a number of theories out there about these signals and pulses. For example in the past we’ve had planets and stars that rotate really quickly around black holes and other large gravitational fields and cause a sort of Lighthouse effect where there are no pulses except from our observable position in the universe in relation to that planet we are seeing a sort of spinning in a very regular and periodic manner with the occasional pattern change when we have stars and other large object between us and that planet. It’s like a single light and a rotating mirror flashing through us and very high pulses. This can seem like a pattern that is intentional. It can seems like a pattern or signal from alien life. However we begun to recognize that that pattern is nothing more than the periodic rotation around the gravitational field. This is a perfect example of someone usual star activity. Which is one of the highest on our list of probable reasons for this. Life is in fact one of the par that’s on our list with many, almost as many of 10 other theories in between.

Sure the character of Yeller from the show Friends for the most part fell also into this type of jumping to conclusion category. And we certainly did the same thing in almost every single movie, with the single exception back in contact an alien and Men In Black and other movies we did make contact. but of course we need to ride out Occam’s razor and recognize that we are scientists, and not someone who just lives in a vacuum where the first option can benefit our theories.

Just to pop that bubble a little more, Those movies are not Interstellar documentaries. Add we are on the same bandwagon as everyone else, we want to know what’s out there, we understand the potential for an infinite amount of possibilities. And we like to believe that we are not that special. Take for example one of the other muddied signal situations. Wow! This is a signal that is often used by none academics as proof of life. But of course it most certainly wasn’t. Nevertheless in our situation, there can also be a problem with background object interfering. It was raining that night, that was also one theory regarding the interference. That of course has been eliminated, but it still doesn’t mean that the signal is anything to Peculiar other than cosmetic information with background noise from the universe. There’s dark matter and all sorts of other signals all throughout our universe chirping on our instrumentation very regularly.

This time around we are calling the signal the weird! Signal. And not so much because of the third theory that exists out there beyond the usual just cosmic background noise and funny sort of star activities. This is where we point the blame back on ourselves, flat out we blame our instruments. Take for example when you use your WiFi signal on your laptop or cell phone, and then turn on the microwave. What happens is that you get interference, rather your instrumentation gets interference. It’s not that the actual signals get destroyed. For example on your laptop you don’t get a garbled email every time you turn on your microwave, however your computer doesn’t really received signals that are clean, therefore you may not be able to load a webpage for do other things like stream movies. What is happening is instrumentation themselves that we designed, are interfering with the signals that are coming in and that we are collecting. In this case one of the other blame is not just on the information we have collecting through our instruments, but we are blaming our satellite Style of information transfer as the culprit.

It doesn’t mean that either of these are the actual solution, or even that they are the problem but it is significant that we take these two strong consideration before tossing out the idea of alien life. We need two mythically go through each of these issues and solve them and correct for them. Just like when we knew that it was raining that night we made sure that our instrumentation picked up the rain and then went back and clean that rain out of the data signal. We now know that that rain was definitely not part of the interference problem for this data collection, as well it wasn’t actually causing that signal noise to happen in the first place. There are definitely other methods that can get in the way in create some sort of mysterious illusion.

The issue with accurately trying to parse out the data from the signal-to-noise ratios and other inputs that we are collecting can be such things as problems on the ground. Take for example CERN which can pick up geological movement such as earthquakes and other grindings of rock and tonics from thousands of miles away. We have sensors that pick those up in those other regions and then feed that back into the loop to reduce that signal-to-noise ratio and eliminate the earthquake as the actual point of origin for that signal with we may assume came from elsewhere. Peryton observations, Which seems so scientific and significant by name alone, are really only the signals that we get from a busted out microwave. Yes the one that you heat up your hot pocket then sends out a signal that seems like little green men are talking to us.

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And lest we not forget humans. We can be pretty faulty in actually collecting the data itself, but we can also misinterpreted data. all sorts of processing errors can happen with that data. There can be Peaks or valleys in our noise that we may discard, or that we may think is important when it may not be. We can have all sorts of other data processing problems from the actual software side going back to the hardware side. But we need to be aware of this and we are if you have sent off the day to get Berkeley to do some of that data processing as well as eliminating some of the data in order to better extrapolate its source.

Jumping back on the bandwagon this weird! signal being Proof of Life. We need to explain that a scientist, that is the last possibility that we would ever think of. This does not mean that it is not off the board, it simply means that it is not the first option we have so many things to Wade through and eliminate before we can jump to that conclusion. We need to be aware that the media would prefer to use this because it is both exciting and fits into our mythological story structure a storytelling. Not to say that it doesn’t sell. Because I most certainly does. For the Most part all we need to do is turn around and look at ourselves. We are proof that life exists in this universe. Nevertheless we have not detected any other life forms. time of course is an issue as his location in space being an issue. Meaning you’re most certainly may have been like or will be light that has sent out information yet all we need to do is have missed our trajectory, not be strong enough, or be from a different time where it is so far ahead or behind us that there’s no way we’ll even pick it up. And don’t forget that with us spinning around throughout our galaxy and the universe having both of those trajectories and someone else on some other trajectory they may send out a signal that goes on for infinity but never reaches us.

Astrobiologist and cosmologists are certainly on the teams for things like setting as well as other field researchers all pursuing the idea of life in our galaxy from the mundane of discovering planets that we can live on and that are habitable for our life forms going all the way to other institutions an expert in your field that are attempting to parse out strange signals.

Has a scientist there is nothing special about this. Just to make somebody understand a little bit about the signal phenomenon and its not being so special Let’s walk through just a handful of other on phenomena that happened within our universe. suffice it to say there are many examples that we have observed, yet are not indicative of the discovery of new life-forms. However they are indicative of new astronomical phenomena. And that’s pretty exciting all by itself. Although it seems pretty boring with respect to finding life within some habitable reachable zone where we can continue to turn our satellites towards and hopefully Parse out other signals, even if they come from a distant past.The idea of pulsars, also came initially from the idea that there were aliens. In fact they were originally referred to as those little green men. Pulsars are pretty important in our current work. We’ve come to learn that they are just pretty fast spinning neutron stars.

But of course there are fast radio bursts that are super fast, frb. And we really don’t know anything about them. The observatory that found this Ross star pulsations with the same one that is helpful and trying to determine the origin of these super fast Burst. As in other cases, the help of the seti institution and the Berkeley Institute for extraterrestrial life have a lot of experience with on Signal noises and narrowing down what it’s human-made and universe made and possibly like made. Which is of course why they have been sent the data for Scrutinization. Just because the data has been sent to them does not mean that it is alien in nature.

After observation by these institutions, and all of the media hub hub, for the most part the explanation boiled down to one of our geosatellites. Yep the very same ones that communicate to your telephones and tell you exactly where you are on your map while driving. Yes the one that your Fitbit tracks you in, yes the one the military uses the track satellites. This is of course one of the reasons why the signals were only within the range that humans would use. If you look at the equator where this Ross star sits when viewed from our Earth satellites there are a bunch of these stationary satellites. of course, as with anything this complex, there are still questions on the dispersal features of the signal that is the noise that paper and the diagonal lines in some of the graphs that were spread around. The initial assumption is of course that these were Reflections and distortions but being that we are scientists we are going to continue looking into that and other possibilities.

So what is this mean for you, the non-scientific reader, who was just interested in little aliens and what we know about them. Well pretty much like one of our most loved films, ET extraterrestrial, I’m pretty sure that we’re all in the same camp and hope that the frequencies and pulses that were discovered mean that we’re not alone but of course we all hope that they are as friendly as the Ross from Friends.


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